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SOHUM > Grande Vegetale > Grande Candleir

An effervescent amalgamation of fruits and flowers - Italian citrus blossom, meyer lemon, clementine, lime leaf, mexican orange and bay. Tuberose - Intoxicating white flower buds, blooming with White musk, vetiver, tuberose, passion flower, pear leaf.
Pomander - A rare powdery rose, blooming with silent sophistication - Pink powder, geranium leaf, Turkish rose, pansie, peru balsam. Fleur Anise - A sweet masculine amalgam peppered with Fennel fleur, liquorice, green fig, almond milk, star anise, clove bud, pepper, basil.
Muskette - A sweet candied confection of Sweet musk, paper daisy, apple blossom, tansy, baked vanilla Lilac iris - A rich nostalgic tale of velvety Violet leaves, heliotrope, carnation, blue iris, daphne, white lilac, mimosa.
Cleopatra - A smooth, creamy, velvety nectar fit for a goddess infused with Milk thistle, white flowers, oat flower, honeysuckle, narcissus Herbeuse - The crispest of fresh cut greens, mingled with with fig leaves,
Grass, velvet sage, tarragon, pine needle, Turkish apple, fir balsam
Seagrass - A crisp watery wave of salty sea air, sparkling with Lotus,
Banana leaf, passionflower, fresh lime, sea salt, bay, olive wood
Caramella - A gourmand frappe of the sweetest delights;
Chocolate bean, vanilla husk, white chocolate, buttercreme